Monday, 1 March 2010

Google Guerrillas

What we did:
We looked for Niyamgiri on Google Maps and found it "belonged" to Vedanta. How ingenious. So we decided to tag the greenwashing. We added a review giving a viewpoint other than the companies' one. Then someone posted the Amnesty International report excerpt there. And then another one joined in. We hope it becomes a movement.

What you can do:
Look around you. Everywhere in the country there are environmental crimes happening. Take pictures, make videos, write, look for information. And tag the places on Google maps. So that when people are searching for the place, they can find out about what's happening.

Simply put: Name and shame the greenwashers.

Here is Niyamgiri on Google Maps: Click here to see the entry made by Vedanta and read the reviews.
Express your opinion.
Go on, tag the greenwashers!

If you tag a place, let us know as well. We would love to see your work.


  1. A strong initiative, I wish we can make this platform global, since these crimes take place all over the world.

  2. It's as global as you want it to be. All you have to do is start tagging! Use information from the right sources, post it and let the world know.

  3. It is global and we need to stop these crimes my question after posting it what else can we do?? Any suggestions?

  4. awesome!
    I am doing it!
    ~window siller :-)

  5. somone who'll be able to help make the 'google guerrillas' dream a reality. see this --> and follow the link mentioned there. Her FB name's "Ronja Savemynature" if u wanna contact her. I thnk it'll be of gr8t help :-)

  6. wonder if there is a way of using twitter hash tags to collate them into one list?

    #envirofail or something.

  7. Hi,
    This is a great idea!

    Many of us in Goa are fighting a government, which like all over the rest of India, is totally hand in glove with builders, hoteliers, industrialists, international scamsters, Russian mafia, drug cartels. The green biodiversity-rich Goa of yesterday is today an optimal habitat for all the scum-of-the-universe.

    I put your idea to many organisations there, and we all loved it. But we couldn't figure out how it works. Could you please elaborate the instructions better?

    I am very computer-savvy and even I couldn't figure it out... most people certainly wont!

    Also, if you like us to inform you of what we tag, how do we do it? Couldn't find any email address.

  8. @Sukhad, you asked for how to tag on google maps.
    It's quite simple really.
    Go on to google maps.
    Do a trial run. Tag a place that you know in your hometown for example. You can write the name, and add a comment on it.
    Once you've got the hang of it, you can tag places where environmental crimes are happening.
    Areas where illegal mining is happening etc.

    Also, use google search to find out how you can tag more easily. Here:

  9. email:

    You can also leave a message on facebook:

  10. excellent idea.